Gio’s Blog

December 2, 2017

This will be my last blog for the ParticipACTION 150th Play List. I want to thank everyone who followed me and cheered me on! This isn’t the end of being active as I encourage everyone to get out and get your heart pumping, no matter your ability.

Today I tried baseball. With the snow blanketing the ground I went indoors to the batting cages. I first tried batting without any grip support and as you’ll see I quickly lost the bat…. READ MORE



November 24, 2017

Today I took advantage of a later winter here in eastern Ontario and raked the leaves… or in my case blew the leaves! Raking the leaves is a great fall activity for all, not only does it clean up your yard, but it helps increase your cardio and you may even break a sweat… Read more



October 27, 2017

Today I went outside before the weather becomes too cold and went bird watching! Bird watching is an excellent way to get outside and be active all while enjoying the scenery.

You may think that bird watching has to be in a forest or wooded area where the paths are usually not groomed or flat, but that is not the case. Read more



October 10, 2017

Today I joined up with some pretty awesome friends and played a version of hide-and-seek called Camouflage. This game involves one seeker and others that hide; similar to hide and seek, but in this game the seeker can’t move. It’s a great adaptation to the original hide-and-seek…. READ MORE


September 1, 2017

Today I tried walking, or for me, wheeling. While I was at the Ontario Boccia Championships at the Abilities Centre in Whitby, Ontario, I also wheeled a couple of laps around the track. This facility is amazing. It’s fully accessible for any ability, which breaks down any barriers for anyone who wants to get active. Though I was lucky enough to have access to this facility… READ MORE



August 18, 2017

Gio again! Today I tried wheelchair tennis at the North American Indigenous Games in Hamilton, ON with ParticipACTION. I used to play wheelchair tennis recreationally and always had a lot of fun. Today I was trying to hit targets while practicing my swing… READ MORE



August 11, 2017

For today’s activity, I attempted to shoot a field hockey ball at a PlayList event at McMaster University in Hamilton. It was my first time trying field hockey and I loved it! It was nothing close to the ice hockey I’m used to. It’s played with a shorter, flat edged stick and you’re only allowed ……. READ MORE



August 4, 2017

I’m Gio, and I’ve challenged myself to try all 150 activities on the ParticipACTION Play List. My goal is to provide an alternate way of looking at activities so that everyone can try them – able bodied or not.

I’ve been active my whole life.  I started  playing hockey when I was four, but when I was 15 I started to show signs of muscular dystrophy. I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie Tooth syndrome, which affects…….. READ MORE