Marylou Martineau

Birthdate: November 22, 2000
Hometown: Québec (Québec)
Residence: Québec (Québec)
Class: BC3

Marylou is a young athlete who started playing boccia in 2009 in a school program in Quebec city, she’s the first athlete to join Team Canada as a « rising star » after being initiated to the sport at school. Marylou as already won a few events in the junior class in the province of Quebec and she is a gold medalist at « Les jeux du Québec ». In 2016 she will participate in her first Canadian Championship and her first International competition with Boccia Canada. Marylou is part of the future in the sport of Boccia.

2017 BISFed Kansas City World Open- Pair BC3- Silver
2017 BISFed Montreal Regional Open- Singles BC3- Bronze
2017 BISFed Montreal Regional Open- Mixed BC3- Or

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