Our Story

Boccia Canada 

We are Boccia Canada.

We are the best. We truly believe it because believing is everything. It is a state of mind that elevates our game. You see the potential and the possibilities and you go for it. You “take the shot”.

We set our sights high. We think smarter, work harder, and have the tenacity and grit to get it done no matter what. We have a well-orchestrated plan. When we are three points down in the last end and the seemingly impossible shot has to happen, we harness the confidence, the hard work, and the planning, and we “take the shot”.

We are champions because we have stepped outside the boundaries and challenged ourselves. We have left disability and self-doubt behind. This is a place where we achieve our goals by always trying our best and putting in the time and effort to make it count. Personal bests, team bests, and national bests, each culminate into a win no matter how big or small.

But we don’t do this alone. Together we are stronger. Together we accomplish more – much more. The athlete takes the shot but it is guided by the countless hours, days, months, and years of dedication and support by coaches, parents and family, volunteers, officials, fans, and teammates.

Boccia is a beautiful game. It is a game for everyone – for those who want to play for fun and socialize with friends, for those who may not have had the opportunity to play a sport before, and for those who have the aspirations and the drive to go all the way and reach the pinnacle of the sport.

We are Boccia Canada. And we love the game.