Boccia Canada Council

The primary responsibility of the Boccia Canada Council is to consider, deliberate and act upon what is in the best interests of boccia in Canada, and of the national association, Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association.

The Boccia Canada Council is committed to creating and reflecting a diverse and vibrant boccia community and, as such, consists of three committees to ensure representation from all areas of the sport. The committees include:

  • Participation and Development Committee: Eileen Bartlett (Chair), Ontario's Adam Dukovich, Nova Scotia's Brenda Redmond, Newfoundland and Labrador's Dayna Penney, British Columbia's Donna Cumming, Quebec's Élizabeth Déziel, Manitoba's Hailey Perchotte, New Brunswick's Sally Hutt, Alberta's Tara Chisholm, Prince Edward Island's Vivian Nguyen, and Lorette Dupuis (Head of Classification).
  • Athletes’ Council: BC1s Lance Cryderman (Vice-Chair) & Chris Halpen, BC2s Adam Dukovich (Chair) & Nathan Bragg, BC3s Ryan Rondeau & Josh Gautier, BC4s Iulian Ciobanu & Alison Levine, and BC5 Marc-Antoine Goupil
  • High Performance Committee: Jane Blaine (Chair), Mario Delisle (High Performance Director), César Nicolai (Head Coach), Simon Larouche (Assistant & Espoir Coach), and Ed Richardson (BC1 & BC2 Coach)

Boccia Canada Council Members

Steve Dukovich

Chair of the Boccia Canada Council

Adam Dukovich

Chair of the Athletes’ Council

Lance Cryderman

Vice Chair of the Athletes’ Council

Eileen Bartlett

Chair of the Participation and Development Committee

Jane Blaine

Chair of High Performance