Canadian Boccia Championships

Celebrating 30 Years of Champions!

The Canadian Boccia Championships allow athletes from across the country the chance to compete for the title of Canadian Champion. This competition will host the nation’s best boccia athletes.


The competition results and schedule will be found here!


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Travel and arrivals


Classification meeting, practice, equipment check, and opening ceremony

Schedule TBD

NOTE: Subject to change!


Schedule TBD

NOTE: Subject to change!



Schedule TBD

NOTE: Subject to change!



Schedule TBD

NOTE: Subject to change!


Competition and Closing Banquet
Schedule TBD

NOTE: Subject to change!


Departures throughout the day as per departure schedule.


Provincial Teams

Rooms have been blocked at the [HOTEL].
Details about the hotel rooms TBD

Hotel Rate

Championships rate = Prices below + HST

Rate (based on occupancy):

  • Single: TBD
  • Double: TBD
  • Triple: TBD
  • Quad: TBD




Transportation information coming soon!

Travel Information Form

Travel form link coming soon!

Failure to submit this form by [DATE] will result in a [$AMOUNT] late fee.


Each province is allowed a maximum team size of [#] plus wild cards (if approved):

  • [#] Athletes ([#] per category - BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, Open)
  • [#] Performance Partners
  • [#] Coaches
  • [#] Team Manager
  • [#] Medical

Individual categories will continue to be mixed gender for this event.

The number of slots for Wild Card athletes will be determined by the Technical Delegate. Wild Card athletes are accepted at the decision of the Technical Delegate.

Consult the competition guide here. 

Competition Venue


Individual competition

Six categories : BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5 & Open.

Team Competition

Maximum of [#] athletes for these categories: BC1 and BC2 (at least one BC1). Each team may have up to [#] alternates. When there are two alternates the team must have at least two BC1 athletes.

Pairs Competition

BC3 Pair: maximum [#] athletes
BC4 Pair: maximum [#] athletes
BC5 Pair: maximum [#] athletes
Open Pair: maximum [#] athletes

Technical Package

The Technical Package is available here.


The most updated classification rules can be found here.

The Boccia Classification Profiles can be found here


  • Breakfast: Provided at [LOCATION]
  • Lunch: Provided at [LOCATION]
  • Dinner: Provided at [LOCATION]
  • TBD Exceptions

COVID-19 Information

The organizing committee of the Canadian Boccia Championships is dedicated to the health of all participants and is committed to create a safe competition environment for all. Updated COVID information will be posted here prior to the event.


General outline of the registration timeline:

  • Registration Opens: [DATE]
  • Registration Closes: [DATE]
  • Travel form due: [DATE]

Register here! 

NOTE: A [$AMOUNT] late fee will be charged per person for each missed deadline.

NOTE: A TeamSnap Account is required to register. Either "Sign Up" or "Login" here!

Registration fee

[$AMOUNT] per person (may be reduced but will not be increased)

NOTE: The registration fee will include breakfast and lunch from [DATE] to [DATE] and also includes the banquet on Sunday night.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact [LINKED EMAIL].


A limited number of extra banquet tickets will be available. Cost of additional tickets is [$AMOUNT]. Contact [LINKED EMAIL] for more information.

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If you have any additional questions please contact:

Jennifer Larson
Program Manager
(613) 748-1430 x2
[email protected]