Take the Shot

What is it?

Take the Shot is a campaign that was first delivered in the lead up to the Tokyo Paralympics, which took place from August 24 to September 5, 2021. It included downloadable activation kits and presentations from athlete ambassadors. The goal of the campaign was to spread awareness of boccia across Canada and increase participation in the sport. We called it "Take the Shot (Tokyo Edition)".

In the lead up to Paris 2024 we are now committing to Take the Shot (Paris Edition).

What does Take the Shot (Paris Edition) include?

In the program, athlete ambassadors give virtual presentations to school classrooms, summer camps, etc. via Zoom. The athletes discuss their journey from development to podium and their experience attending the Paralympics. The participants have the opportunity to find out more about getting involved in the sport. Presentations can be  done in both French and English.

Request a presentation here.

Try-It Event or New Club/Program Start-Up Grants

Grants will be distributed to Provincial Partners and new clubs/programs in order to build interest in boccia in parts of Canada that are underserved. Our goal is to increase the awareness of the sport and get more people involved. Through the hosting of an event or delivery of a program, potential new coaches, officials, and volunteers can also learn about all the wonderful things that the sport has to offer.

Apply and find out more details here.

Postcards to Paris

People participating in Take the Shot Try-It events, or those receiving a presentation from one of our athlete ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in the fun themselves. They can write a postcard to one of the athletes who is competing at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. These postcards can be written on with use of our Take the Shot pens with messages in light of the upcoming Paralympics. Before the athletes leave to Paris, they will be able to read these messages collected over time. Boccia Canada will be in charge of collecting the digital messages and printing them out for the athletes as well as the written messages in a nice bundle they can bring with them to the Paralympics.

Fill out a digital "Postcard to Paris."

Downloadable Activation Kits

Downloadable materials are available to the classrooms, camps, etc. so that they can experience boccia first-hand. Electronic kit includes:

Community Sport for All Grant

The activation for Take the Shot (Paris Edition) was made possible through the Community Sport for All Grant through funding from Sport Canada.

Find out more about Boccia Canada as a recipient of the grant as well as a visit with the Honourable Minister of Sport Carla Qualtrough and the Honourable David McGuinty here.

Boccia is a #SportforAll

How did Canada’s current boccia stars reach the podium? They tried the sport. They were encouraged to #TaketheShot.


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