Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)

The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) is a sport funding program that contributes to the pursuit of excellence, often referred to as ‘carding’. AAP support seeks to relieve some of the financial pressures associated with preparing for and participating in international sport and assists high-performance Canadian athletes to combine their sport and academic or working careers while training intensively in pursuit of world-class performances.

To apply to this program, athletes need to contact Boccia Canada for application forms and related information. For more information about the Athlete Assistance Program, please visit the Sport Canada website.

Boccia Canada nominates the top athletes from the National Team to receive AAP funding. Athletes who are approved are financially supported through the AAP and are referred to as carded athletes. Boccia Canada has three kinds of cards:

  • Senior International Cards (SR1 and SR2 Cards)
  • Senior National Cards (SR and C1 Cards)

AAP Resources

Anti-Doping Information

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